Now What?

It’s been awhile since I posted on the blog, which is strange because I certainly don’t lack inspiration or content. However, it can be overwhelming the amount of tragedy that children in North America suffer almost every week.

I am constantly stunned at how many parents literally kill their own children. If you follow our Facebook page you get a sense of just how big the problem is and how dangerous it can be for children in North America (not to mention the rest of the world), How selfish, inexcusable, disgusting and so just everything bad pathetic and evil it is to murder a child. Nevertheless, there is not a lot of value in being horrified and name calling which these emotions can easily bring up.

So it has taken me some time but I have decided that I will try to post a short weekly blog that shares not just my feelings but hopefully also something to action or some inspiration to draw upon. We have been working hard to try and determine what is the best role for Teagan’s Voice and have decided to focus on the following…

  1. Ensuring Governments meet their responsibilities to adhere to the UN Rights of a Child Convention.
  2. Working with Government and Partners to initiate an Annual Children’s Summit for experts, advocates, victims and policymakers to collaborate and innovate.
  3. Supporting children who have lost a sibling to murder or traumatic death.
  4. Using our education, knowledge and first-hand experience to actively participate in policy reforms and inquests.
  5. To preserve the memory of Teagan Batstone who was a special little girl who touched many in life and even more in death.

The path to results will take significant time but we are dedicated to the fight and will work with partners whenever we can to speed up the process. We miss Teagan every single day and her beautiful spirit and soul continues to drive us forward.

Published by Teagan's Voice

Teagan's Voice is a national advocacy organization focused on advocating for children’s rights, including policy and procedural changes to prevent violence against children, while holding systems accountable when they fail at protecting victims of these crimes. Our vision is to ensure Canada’s youngest most at risk youth all live, grow, and are nurtured in protective and loving home environments regardless of family status, gender, ethnicity or income

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