And then you testify

In terms of situations you would not expect or ever wish to be a part of, I believe testifying as a witness in the homicide trial of your 8 year old daughter by her biological mother ranks pretty high. In many ways this entire process has felt like it’s right out of a ‘b’ cable movie and I am pretty confident that is about to become even more true. So here we sit almost literally 4 years after the traumatic lose of our daughter flying to testify in the homicide trial. The process will traumatize you over and over again as I have seen in our situation but also in so many others.

In my case we have to fly 5 hours from Ottawa to Vancouver leaving me plenty of time to think about just what a horrible period of time awaits me in a few short hours. Nonetheless I am certainly motivated to do my part in support of the Crown Prosecutors to ensure this predator spends as much time in jail as possible. Personally I think anyone who murders a child should never be free again. However, given her killer is being prosecuted for second degree murder the reality is that if convicted the sentence would range from 10-25 years before eligibility for parole. Given she stole decades of life from Teagan 25 years seems insignificant but knowing that we don’t have to worry about her for two decades is acceptable.

At the end of the flight I have hopefully steeled my soul for the next crushing 72 hours as I learn how my sweet baby was murdered, dig up the painful memories of the fall of 2014 and recount the worst phone call I ever received in my life from the RCMP. Not to mention the inevitable lies and deceit of her killer as she tries to wriggle free from accountability for the heinous act she committed.

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