A Tough Day (5 years later)

Given the attention that naturally occurs during this phase of the legal process I wanted to remind people about the goals of the ‘not-for profit’ we founded after our daughters death in December of 2014. For those not familiar with the story the link below summarizes the murder conviction in the killing of our 8Continue reading “A Tough Day (5 years later)”

Gabe Batstone Victim Impact Statement

In some ways the impact of this crime is quite simple – seven decades of beautiful Teagan’s life. None of the significant life events you dream about including graduating elementary school, birthdays, high school, holidays, university or college, marriage, grandchildren, vacations and so much more will ever happen. Though what haunts you most days isContinue reading “Gabe Batstone Victim Impact Statement”

Four years

It has been exactly four years since our daughter Teagan was taken from us by a cold blooded killer. Sadly we just learned how she died this week and it did nothing the soften the loss, and frankly added to the trauma. In many ways it just made the whole situation more confounding and dependingContinue reading “Four years”

Children’s First Summit -A different kind of business trip

Earlier this month our family headed to Toronto for a couple of days. Teagan’s imprint is of course all over this trip from the decision to take the train ride to the constant stories that her brothers tell about her and the reality that the purpose was to support a Children’s Rights conference. It seemsContinue reading “Children’s First Summit -A different kind of business trip”