Take Action

  1. Watch for Child Abuse: The same adage we applied in airports after 9\11 applies to kids – “if you see something, say something”.  In virtually every case of child abuse and murder more than one person knew something was wrong! If you are not sure who to contact email gabe@teagansvoice.com for help in determining the next step.
  2. Speak up for Children: We need to become comfortable talking about children’s safety at home, at work, online and in public. A child being abused or worse is not something any of us should feel comfortable turning a blind eye towards.
  3. Make Children’s Safety a Political Priority: Ask your local politicians at all levels of Government what they plan to do to ensure children are always placed in the safest home available to them.
  4. Support Children’s Advocates: Donate your time or money to help those organizations who are dedicated to the right’s and safety of children.  Great examples includes UNICEF, Children First Canada, Do It For Daron (DFID) and Teagan’s Voice. 
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