7 Years Later and….

Well it’s been seven years since Teagan was murdered by Lisa Batstone and the trial is still not settled. The appeal was heard last spring and still we wait. It’s hard to imagine that the system never allows families to settle…the trauma is constant and by the time the case is settled…then the killers sentenceContinue reading “7 Years Later and….”

Just One Thing…

There are so many sad stories that you can’t get through a week without multiple jaw-dropping moments where children are being abused. In one 24 hour period a few years ago I remember reading about an online predator who tormented young girls online (leading beautiful Amanda Todd to end her life), a police officer whoContinue reading “Just One Thing…”

Let’s Learn from Our Kids…

Kids, they are blissful, imaginative, carefree, charismatic and intelligent. All of these things – whether we like it or not – seem to fade a little as we grow up. We become stressed with school, work, paying bills, getting the kids to their sports. We put the majority of our creativity and carefree attitudes intoContinue reading “Let’s Learn from Our Kids…”

The Right to Rights 

As humans we all have basic human rights; this is set out in the United Nations International Bill of Human Rights signed in 1948. Excerpts from this important document include: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one anotherContinue reading “The Right to Rights “